Organic Olive Essence®

Welcome to a new kind of skin care experience! Olive oil is one of the most sought after natural oils for skin care. In fact, olive oil has been used as an ancient remedy for skin care during the Egyptian civilization and it is still widely used today. Our products provide the full olive spa experience!

Anti-inflammatory Properties

There are a variety of antioxidants in olive oil including Vitamin A and E but the most potent compound is hydroxytyrosol. Hydroxytyrosol is a very rare but potent antioxidant found in olive oil that prevents free radical damage on skin cells.

Moisturizing Properties

The antioxidants in olive oil work really well as moisturizers. The antioxidants form a protective barrier trapping moisture on your skin without clogging pores. It may also help brighten skin

Skin Exfoliator

Olive Oil is great when used with an exfoliating property because it does not clog pores. It may actually smooth skin texture and softens it due to its intrinsic antioxidant properties.

Formulated around the ancient medicinal benefits of olive oil and olive extracts combined with newly discovered ingredients, Organic Olive Essence® is one of the ONLY certified organic Olive Oil skincare lines certified by the USDA, CCOF, OASIS and QAI. For European clients we are certified by Eco-Cert. Feel great and natural with the Olive Spa Experience.

Each Gold Facial Product contains a packet of pure, absorbable, 24 K Gold flakes that can be mixed with the products for additional anti-aging and skin nourishing benefits. pH balanced, paraben-free and non-comedogenic to help promote a flawless complexion, with no added fragrance.

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